North end of the tour – Missouri Valley – 3 locations

Harrison County Village & Welcome Center

This includes a new Lincoln Highway Loess Hills Interpretive Center featuring films, a scenic overlook, one-mile trail through restored prairie, road demonstration area, children’s transportation themed play space and more. harrisoncountyparks.org/welcome

Loess Hills Lavender Farm

We provide a peaceful experience centered around the mystical and magical herb, lavender. We use organic materials to care for the plants and produce a series of lotions and bath products, allowing you to experience a piece of the farm in your home. loesshillslavender.com

Sawmill Hollow Family Farm

Nestled in the heart of Loess Hills, Sawmill Hollow is the first aronia berry farm in the country and hosts the North American Aronia Berry Festival annually. Enjoy premium wines from the tasting room and embrace the breathtaking 150 acres view. click here for additional information. sawmill hollow.com

Honey Creek – 3 locations

Hickory Hills Land and Livestock

Peek into a modern Farmstead. Learn regenerative practices. See pastured pigs up close. Visit the dairy cow. Be free range with the chickens. click here for additional information. HickoryHillsLandandLivestock.com

Hitchcock Nature Center

At the Loess Hills Lodge Exhibit Gallery, learn how the hills were made and why they are so unique. The preserve features native prairie, hiking trails, camping, cabins and observation tower that gives a 360 degree view of the region. click here for additional information. pottcoconservation.com

Honey Creek Creamery

Visit the dairy to see baby goats romping, learn the cheese process and sample fresh artisan cheese. Even get a chance to milk a goat! Our artisan cheese is crafted using fresh goat’s milk, which are fed rich, chemical-free alfalfa and raised on the farm along with the native plants here.                        click here for additional information. honeycreekcreamery.com

South end of tour – Crescent – 2 locations

Harvest Studio

Cynthia Gehrie, Botanical Artist, makes fine and functional art from wild plants in the hills, and organic, heirloom, herbs and vegetables. Artisan black walnut ink and stain, made at the studio, is available on the Living Loess Tour. Cold press soap, made with double goat milk, is milled with infused oils, dried herbs and blossoms. It is available on the Tour with the season, after curing 8 weeks. click here for additional information. GehrieBotanica.com and EonsSoapAndUnguents.com

Iowana Farm

Certified organic heirloom vegetables on 6.5 acres of living loess soil. Local volunteers of all ages and walks of life support the farm. Come to learn the grower’s perspective on being certified organic, growing with heirloom seeds and restoring natural ridges. click here for additional information. click here for additional information. iowanafarm.com